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Why should you use Responsive Website Design?

Responsive Web Design makes your website future-proof, providing the best viewer experience on any device. A website should adapt to the device of each unique visitor, be it a desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Through Responsive Web Design, your website will dynamically resize and rearrange its content to minimize the need for panning and scrolling, thus eliminating frustration for your potential customers.

Our professional web development services can range from the simplest single static page of plain text to web engineering, custom web application development, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting, web server and network security configuration, or e-commerce developmen

Search online for business web applications and you’ll get millions of results. Some are simply articles, others are actual apps. We have good news for you: you don’t have to sift through thousands of apps to find the ones that suit the needs of your business.

At BMBC, we offer custom web application development, providing you with a tailored web app solution. Whether you’re looking for a solution built from scratch, you want to migrate your legacy backend or streamline existing front-end functionality, we can help you reach your goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

With businesses looking more and more towards the online world to ensure their success, they were also looking for more accessible ways of controlling their content on the Internet. Today, web development and web design is as much about the creation of content management systems, or CMS, as it is about writing markup and coding.

A CMS allows you to make changes to your website without the need for other technical knowledge beyond what you already know about computers and software. You can create, edit, publish, archive, collaborate on content and more from a simple application, with different permission levels for each contributor. Whether you’re setting up a corporate website, a standard blog or just want to announce your presence on the web, we can provide the right web development and web design solutions for you.

B2B e-commerce is a $5,711bn business, while B2C amounts to $808bn. That volume is per year and just for the U.S. If you want an e-commerce website that will drive some of the money towards your company, you need a professional web development team that is focused and experienced in providing e-commerce solutions.

At BMBC, our goal is to provide you with all the design, development, and search marketing services that you need in order to be successful online. Using our responsive web design philosophy, our e-commerce solutions are optimized for all platforms, so your customers can order from home or on the road. And with features like a secure one-page checkout, we make online shopping a breeze for both your customers and you.

WE PROVIDE SERVICESthat stand out for their quality




The complete package for web platform


Advice on buying the domain name

Logo design

BAnner design

Unlimited pages

Unlimited photos

COntact form

Various modules on demand ( guestbook , yahoo status , etc. )

Unlimited email addresses ; example

Administration pannel

SEO ( on site )

Registering site in search engines (Google , Yahoo , Bing )



Facebook page

Multilanguage support

Maintenance and support

Report statistics

Technical support

Stages of development

Analysis and evaluation

Planning and project management

Concept and creative development

Support and maintenance

PC DATA - Web Design

The advantages of an online shop

The cost of implementation is relatively low (depending on the specifications and complexity )

t is possible to add , modify or delete products ; It can be done at any time and by anyone with minimal computer knowledge , with the help of a management interface .

Maintenance costs are low , they can summarize the cost for server

Interacting with customers is all too easy – the client can show the need for a particular service or product through an online message

There are many ways to promote , depending on budget

The cost of promotion are lower compared to other media promoting offline

Important site traffic can be identifyed with the best accuracy than any other offline place

The disadvantages of an online store

The disadvantages are generally low . They can occur in certain products or services that require greater physical attention on them , but through a site selling online can provide detailed information to help the potential customer to make a difference and to decide for his company, for a direct acquisition .

Issues that may be considered drawbacks:

Attention should be paid in addition to the online environment and the platform ( website ) online sales ;

It must be kept permanently in mind that the online shop must be prommoted constantly to keep it on first page;

tHE system must be updated for the new demands and market trends . It is recommended that periodically ( 1 to 2 years) to improve customer interaction interface ;

Attention must be directed to the potential online customers, their messages and their requirements ;

The complete package for web presentation platform


Advice on buying the domain name

Logo design

Banner design

Unlimited page numbers

Unlimited photo numbers

Contact form

Various modules on demand ( guestbook , yahoo status , etc. )

Unlimited email addresses, example

Administration pannel

SEO ( on site )

Register site in search engines (Google, Ask, yshooo…)



Facebook page

Multilanguage support


Statistics report

Technical support
PC DATA - Magazine Online

Computer administration

Whether you have one employee or a company that handles your computer network administration , most likely you will come to us because of their distressing response time.

Network analysis

hardware and software network analysis;

identifying and solving urgent problems;

bringing the network to an ideal network operation;

once the network is put in place , maintenance will be done through regular visits to your office or punctual interventions .

Computer maintenance:

Installation and configuration of operating system and other software applications;

identifying hardware problems , then recommendation in purchasing other components;

equipment inventory , monthly reports, work procedures;

consulting in the use of applications (Outlook , Word , Excel etc. ) and recommendation for fast and secure applications;

information protection ( backup and security ):


As we’re sure you already know , no network is 100 % secure . What we can do however, is to increase the effort needed break your network , thus avoiding the risk of absconding information.

To these risks we will recommend the best antivirus software , both licensed and free . But the acquisition decision is always yours.

We also provide protection against viruses , worms , trojans , malware and computer security by implementing a policy of limiting access ( user login ).


The need backup seems easy to ignore and delayed . It appears only when you have already lost information .

To implement the best solution for backup, PC Date recommend buying a file server for storing documents users.

PC DATA - Web Design


Wireless LAN Profesional

PC DATA offers a wireless LAN solution ( as a service ) that can provide high performance , high capacity and security as well as adequate coverage for large venues , eg university campuses or in difficult environmental conditions , such as in warehouses.

Local network services (LAN)

Professional management and support of wired local area network (LAN – Local Area Networking ) and wireless . The service includes needs assessment, design, implementation and support of the local network as well as managing and securing its

Virtual private network services

Virtual private server ( VPN ) addresses the security needs of users on access and encrypted data transfer network. PC DATA provides initial configuration , administration and support.

Network architecture design

Connectivity service network provides the necessary skills for evaluating existing network infrastructure and proposing optimal solutions to ensure a more efficient and faster operation.

Network management

Network Management Service refers to operating and performing maintenance services for the infrastructure of an existing network (WAN / LAN / WLAN) in an office / corporation and ensuring the necessary level of functionality and availability.

Magazineanaging servers

Consulting acquisition server

The opportunity of buying a server is difficult to determine without expert advice . PC Data can explain its benefits and recommend solutions:

improving communication between employees (File Server);

regular automatic backup ( Backup Server);

email hosting (Mail server) and web;

Services performed by the server

file server : Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server , Linux ( CentOS , Ubuntu , Debian , Fedora );

mail server : Zimbra , Postfix , Qmail , Axigen , etc …;

Web server : Apache , PHP , MySQL , FTP, etc.;

anti-spam: SpamAssassin, Clam AV, MailZu, etc;


monitoring – continuous monitoring of the integrity of the server and services that run on it . When an incident or proactive before the appearance date is cautioned acestuia.PC automated system for rapid response;

Update Management – continuously updating operating systems and applications installed on servers for the best protection against attacks and bugs;

documentation – informing employees on network security policy by drafting and distributing user documentation;

Firewall – protection against intentional attacks inside and outside your company;

antispam , antiphishing mail servers;

protection against unauthorized transfer of inside information:

Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Mail lock , Gmail , Hotmail.;

Instant Messaging software lock (Yahoo Messenger , Gtalk , Skype, etc. );

blocking social sites (Facebook , Twitter , MySpace , etc. ).


To implement the best solution for backup, PC Date recommend buying a file server for storing documents users.

Moreover , document needs to be uploaded] directly on the server for the best coverage against accidental loss or intentional deletion of documents !!!

IT Service


Component failure;

repairing or replaceing the defective part : motherboard , power , RAM , video card, hard drive, processor, etc.;

Clean dust from desktop or laptop : motherboard cleaning , cleaning the ventilation system;

change thermal compound;

upgrate computer or laptop computer hardware ;

Web Hosting

The difference between a normal and an excellent web hosting is that problems do not occur frequently due to superior technology – if they occur,you always can find someone able to solve them quickly , just a phone call away

Choose the complete storage on SSD

We use the best performing servers with Intel Xeon E5 new DDR4 memory and disk storage; only Intel SSD RAID 10 configured hardware .

R1Soft – Data protection is a priority

Your data is safe – use the safest solution profesioanală incremental backup.


Superior technology increases up to three times the speed of loading site.

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